“Dr. Schnell is the Medical Director of our hospital inpatient wound care program since 2012. Under his direction we have become a referral source for difficult to heal and problem wounds for all of central and north Florida. His success is the result of his innovative approach, excellent technical skills and bedside approach characterized by compassion and human awareness. Dr. Schnell has advanced the status of our hospital in the community by volunteering to teach wound care to nursing students in our facility emphasizing his area of interest, prevention of hospital acquired wounds. He is also the first member of our staff to be involved in scholarly research. What I admire most about his practice is his dedication to the physician patient relationship. At a recent community lecture, he stated that real medicine occurs at the junction of faith and science. He demonstrates this daily by the way he treats and interacts with patients. Dr. Schnell is a true team player that has contributed significantly to mission accomplishment at our hospital.”