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Dr. Martin Schnell, MD, founded Freedom Health & Wellness, LLC (FHW) over 10 years ago. He has practiced office-based wound care and hyperbaric medicine for several years. Although Dr. Schnell previously practiced inpatient wound care exclusively, it was the needs of his patients that led him to found a homebound wound care practice.

Many patients who received wound care treatment through Dr. Schnell experienced an alarming decline in the state of their wounds after receiving months of care from a new provider. Dr. Schnell visited such patients in their homes as many were not fit to make an office visit.

That was the origin of the Freedom Health & Wellness homebound medical practice. Freedom Health & Wellness faithfully continued to grow, as patients discovered they could now receive homebound wound care in The Villages, Tampa Bay and throughout Central Florida.

Six months into the program Dr. Schnell discovered his practice aligned with a recently closed CMS (Medicare) study on homebound medicine. The study was successful and the guidelines were adopted. Through the study, the government found that homebound adult patients represent one of the most vulnerable adult patient classes in our society. Without access to primary care and without transportation, patients remain at home with acute illness until it forces ambulance transfer, often in critical and pre-death situations. By bringing health care into the home, these vulnerable patients could now be safely cared for, avoiding recurrent expensive hospitalizations.

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