At Freedom Health & Wellness, we treat patients in three unique settings: at home, in transitional healthcare phases, and in group care facilities. Here are some of our favorite experiences patients have had with us.


“My husband has familial paraplegia, a rare illness that causes paralysis later in life. My husband, a New York City Policeman, was afflicted soon after retirement. When Dr. Schnell took over my husband’s wound care in the hospital, he had (3) stage 4 pressure ulcers. I could stick my entire fist in one of his wounds it was so big. I was shocked when a doctor agreed to see my husband at home. Dr. Schnell coming to our home was a big deal for us. I remember the peace I felt when he said he would stick with us until my husband was healed. Dr. Schnell and nurse Nikki are the most caring providers I have ever met. I don’t know what we would have done without them.”


“I began seeing Dr. Schnell in 2014. I am a paraplegic who at the time had a stage 4 buttocks pressure ulcer. I had that wound for 10 years. I was in and out of the hospital the first 6 years then followed in a local wound care center for another 4 years. Over several months he healed the wound others said would never heal. Without Dr. Schnell I feel I would have not regained the quality of life that I have missed for 10 years. Dr. Schnell is one of the few doctors that takes time to make sure you fully understand his plan of treatment. Dr. Schnell and nurse Nikki are the most compassionate and caring individuals when it comes to their patients and their families. I highly recommend Dr. Schnell and his team for wound related problems.”


“Dr. Schnell is the Medical Director of our hospital inpatient wound care program since 2012. Under his direction we have become a referral source for difficult to heal and problem wounds for all of central and north Florida. His success is the result of his innovative approach, excellent technical skills and bedside approach characterized by compassion and human awareness. Dr. Schnell has advanced the status of our hospital in the community by volunteering to teach wound care to nursing students in our facility emphasizing his area of interest, prevention of hospital acquired wounds. He is also the first member of our staff to be involved in scholarly research. What I admire most about his practice is his dedication to the physician patient relationship. At a recent community lecture, he stated that real medicine occurs at the junction of faith and science. He demonstrates this daily by the way he treats and interacts with patients. Dr. Schnell is a true team player that has contributed significantly to mission accomplishment at our hospital.”


“After becoming paralyzed from the waist down, my wife developed a stage 4 pressure ulcer of the pelvis. We initially saw Dr. Schnell in a local wound care center. When he left my wife deteriorated and the wound became much worse. I was able to track Dr. Schnell down and he agreed to see my wife as a home bound patient (I would not take no for an answer). Working with my wife at home he was able to heal here wound where a local wound care center and surgeon she was referred to failed. Throughout her care she continually told the Doctor how much she missed the pool and could not wait to go in when healed. Dr. Schnell celebrated her healing with us by taking us swimming in the pool. He continues to check on her periodically and we are pleased to say she has remained healed.”


“I am a 53-year-old quadriplegic from a car accident in my late 30’s. In 2015 I returned home from the hospital and my primary physician refused to continue to see me for insurance purposes. I live in a rural area and have no transportation. There is no public transport in my area for wheel chair bound patients. With no physician to care for me and write orders for home health and state sponsored caretaker, I was told I would have to give up living independently to move into a nursing home. Dr. Schnell has healed multiple wounds on me since then and helped me with multiple acute medical issues even though are agreement is for wound care only. Dr. Schnell has helped purchase critical non-covered medical supplies including protein supplement for wound healing. In this sense I consider him a friend and I am deeply grateful that he has given me the opportunity to continue to live independently.”

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